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News Updates » 14 December 2009


Astrophotography Competition shortlist announced!

On 22-24 October 2009, the Galilean Nights Cornerstone Project took place all over the world and was a great success, with over 1300 events in almost 90 countries. Alongside the public observing sessions where hundreds of thousands of people looked to the night sky, many also turned their cameras to the stars and took part in the Galilean Nights Astrophotography Competition.

There was a strong response to the competition and the quality of entries was extremely high. The judging panel had a tough task and after assessment of the entries, a shortlist has been selected for both categories. Those on the shortlist have been contacted requesting further information on their photographs for the final assessment to select the winners. Congratulations to everybody on the shortlist, and good luck for the next round of judging.


Beyond Earth

Isastro: M42-0-LRGB_4

richiejarvisuk: 2009-10-26-M45-L5100-RGB700-Process2-Large

Bill Snyder 51: 101809-WO80-M42-LRGB+Ha-PS1-GF-for-Gallien-Nights++

ANIC asociación de niños indagadores del cosmos: Moon Waning

AztecastroMcJ: Mare Serenitatis NE Mosaic 8.10.09

ANIC asociación de niños indagadores del cosmos: Jupiter in the sky Colombian

Bill Snyder 51: 101809 M42 Orion Nebula

Silvia Kowolik: Jupitersnapshot

SkoobyJohn: M45 - The Pleiades

nemark: IMG_8654-Antares occultation


Earth and Sky

masahiro miyasaka: Milky Way waterfall

masahiro miyasaka: Venus Saturn Mars Zodiacal light

masahiro miyasaka: Pleiades of autumn

Microlensing: Pleiades Dances

pdiezvig: CTBA 07:45

Stefano De Rosa: Moon, Venus and Saturn over the Monate Lake

Isastro: Moon_Alentejo_Portugal

The North West Of Nowhere: The shadow of the day

ANIC asociacion de niños indagadores del cosmos: Three meetings Nocturnes

Microlensing: Twilight Jupiter and Galaxy