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Worldwide Galilean Nights activities are organised and overseen by the Galilean Nights Task Group, led by the Galilean Nights Chair, who should be the first point of contact for any queries or concerns regarding the project.

For more information regarding Galilean Nights activities in a specific country, contact should be directed to the person overseeing Galilean Nights activities in that country: either the Galilean Nights Local Contact, or the IYA2009 National Node representative.


Task Group

Catherine Moloney (UK)(Chair):
Terry Bridges (Canada):
Bruno Sanchez-Andrade Nuño (Spain):
Manoj Pai (India):
Ricardo Cardoso Reis (Portugal):
Donna Smith (USA):
Hidehiko Agata (Japan):
Jean-Luc L. J. Dighaye (Belgium):
Tasso Augusto Napoleão (Brazil):
Jean-Eudes Arlot (France):
Jane Jones (JPL):
Preston Dyches (JPL):
Kazuya Ayani (Japan):
Sensi Pastor (Spain):
Anita Heward (Europlanet):
Roberto Bugiolacchi (Germany)
Pedro Russo (ex-officio)
Mariana Barrosa (ex-officio)

Douglas Pierce-Price (UK): Advisor only
Mike Simmons (USA): Advisor only