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News Updates » 12 November 2009


Targoviste festival in Romania

The Romanian Society for Metors and Astonomy-SARM was the national coordinator for Galilean Nights in Romania, and registered events developed by SARM and other astronomical groups in 18 Romanian towns. The largest of them was organized by SARM in Targoviste (a former Capital of the Romanian Land), and consisted of:

1. An Orionid meteor shower observational night prologue (October 21-22).

2. Press conference at SARM’s headquarters, and co-operations with 5 televisions and more radio programs (including Radio Romania), on-line publications and newspapers.

3. Activities in the “Tricolorul” (central) square in October 22-24: tents with astronomical products, projections of images, movies and planetarium programs, workshops, astroelectronic music, 3D images, remote observations, promotional materials, astroart exhibition made by children, telescopic observations of Galilean objects.

4. A special live broadcast (Columna TV, Targoviste, October 24) about Galilean Nights (including finally an astropoetry and astrofolk music mini-show).

5. Galilean Gala Show (Dambovita History Museum, Targoviste, October 24): astromovies, astrophotography exhibition, International Galilean Poetry Evening (with texts received from Europe, America, Asia and Australasia), and astrofolk music recital, in which Galileo Galilei was performed by a SARM counselor.

6. An original and innovative web page as both a unique homage for Galileo and an album-document, including comments and images on Galilean Nights-Targoviste and poetic writings dedicated to the Great Astronomer by important astronomers and writers from 4 continents: Galilean Poetry

Many thanks and best wishes,

Valentin Grigore
President of SARM - Societatea Astronomica Romana de Meteori (Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)

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