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News Updates » 01 November 2009


Thousands of Galileo moments in Hefei

The Joint observation of Hefei Universities for Galilean Nights was organized by the Association of Amateur Astronomers of University of Science and Technology of China (AAA of USTC).

The observation began at 7p.m. on Oct. 24th, 2009 in two locations. One is the Astronomy and teaching open Laboratory of USTC, and another is the City Hall Square of Hefei.

There were totally 27 volunteers from our league went to the City Hall Square guiding, introducing common knowledge on astronomy to the people and operating the telescopes. A D152 refractor, a D80 refractor, two D60 refrators, a D100 binocular, a D203 relector and a D114 relector were along with the volunteers to the City Hall Square which impressed the public a lot. The observation also attracted astronomy fans from local schools to bring their own personal telescopes to join us.

The weather condition is well. Our observation on the moon and the bright Jupiter and its four moons went successfully.

We ended at 11p.m. with about 2000 citizens had a look at the night sky through telescope and a little sense to astronomy.

We announced the activity before it started on various ways including the local media and the Internet. In addition, more than 1500 pieces of leaflet introducing the origin of IYA and Galilean Nights and astronomy were send out. During the observation, some local medias came for broadcasting our activity and asked questions to the organizer.

At the observatory of the Astronomy and teaching open Laboratory of USTC, 20 volunteers conducting the introducing and operating of telescope. The D400 compound telescope was also pointed to the moon and the Jupiter. At the same time, a small public lecture was held in the multimedia room of the Laboratory followed by movies on IYA and Galilean Nights.

The total number of visitors reached 1000. Children with their parents maked up the majority.

Through this joint observation, we advocate the spirit of Galileo and IYA. We are trying to uncover the mysterious veil of astronomy and provide a way for more and more people to feel astronomy themselves.

Thanks to the Department of Astronomy of USTC for lending us two large aperture telescopes and the observatory of the Astronomy and teaching open Laboratory to hold the activity.Thanks to the volunteers for their hard working and their enthusiasm to astronomy.

Y F Wang
Association of Amateur Astronomers of of USTC